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Squire Artists - Roelof Jonker
Colombiahof 35, 2622 AD Delft
The Netherlands
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Alban Berg Ensemble Wien         

Alban Berg Ensemble Wien


Exciting modern and topical programs, to initiate the audience unto our journeys of artistic discovery, to communicate music in an open-minded, uncompromising, yet in a poetic manner: this is the mission and the guiding principles that unite the seven musicians who constitute the Alban Berg Ensemble Wien.

This Ensemble, formed in 2016, comprises the renowned Hugo Wolf Quartet, pianist Ariane Haering as well as, solo flautist Silvia Careddu and clarinetist Alexander Neubauer from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The Alban Berg Foundation bestows its imprimatur as a public acknowledgement of the esteem in which these musicians are held for their artistic vision, and in recognition of their innovative path in the spirit of Alban Berg. connected to the past while committed to the future.

A century ago, Schönberg, Berg and Webern founded their Society for Private Musical Performances to realize their highly personal visions of unorthodox concert situations and programming. Their artistic and interpretative vision, an openness towards all that is new and innovative as well as a unique instrumental combination provide the blueprint for the Ensemble: String quartet, flute, clarinet and piano are the core of the Alban Berg Ensemble Wien. Our goal is to rekindle the firey passion of the Second Viennese School's most romantic composer.

Orlando Festival & Competition 2017

Behn Quartet

Just as in previous years, the 36th edition of the Orlando Festival, the Netherlands' oldest and biggest chamber music festival, will feature the Orlando Competition as one of its highlights. Seven international string quartets will be participating in the competition from 10 – 12 August, at the beginning of the festival. A unique aspect of the Orlando Competition is that all competing ensembles are asked to participate in all three rounds, which encourages fair play among the competitors in a stimulating manner. The three finalists will be announced at the end of the third round, during which the mandatory work will be performed (a new string quartet composed especially for the Orlando Competition by Dutch composer Sam Wamper).

The seven ensembles are: the Alauda Quartet, the Behn Quartet, the New Music Quartet, the Nomad Quartet, the Pierrot Quartett, the Quatuor Yako and the Sonore Quartett.

The Orlando Festival supports the winner of the First Prize ‘Prix Charles Hennen’ with a monetary sum of 4500 euros and - in collaboration with Squire Artists – a concert series in the autumn of 2018.

Gioele Muglialdo & Movies in Concert

cinemia in concerto

Having mastered the peculiar technique of 'synchronizing' music and images, and thanks to the experience he has gained in this field, Gioele Muglialdo is one of the very few specialists of “cine-concert”, the screening of a film with the orchestral soundtrack performed live.

2016 marked Fritz Lang’s 40th death anniversary, and this did focus the attention on this brilliant director and his work, of which “Metropolis”, by now considered a cult-movie, is undoubtedly the artistic apex. 2016 also saw the release of “Ben Hur” ’s new remake, which will bring back this timeless myth, favouring initiatives and retrospectives.

2017 instead marks the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution, therefore it is the perfect moment to screen Battleship Potemkin, with the restored original music version.