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Squire Artists - Roelof Jonker
Colombiahof 35, 2622 AD Delft
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31(0)15 8899331
Mobile: +31(0)6 41313488
E-mail: officesqar.nl
Website: www.sqar.nl

Sofya Gulyak

"... a display of sheer artistry of a kind that must surely earn Ms Gulyak a place among the world’s great concert pianists.  This was a recital of the very highest class."

Sofya Gulyak

Pascal Rogé

“From the very first notes of the Gershwin Concerto Pascal Rogé was totally, physically absorbed in the music … he remained poised over the flurry of fingers and ivories like an adrenalized cat studying a fishbowl, mapping strategy”

Pascal Rogé

Ishay Shaer

"A young and brilliant pianist with an impeccable technical reliability and a reading charged with the most deeply rooted musical tradition. It is not only technique, but rather judgment, and a tempo that doesn't seek the brightness of velocity, but the tranquillity of profoundness".

Sivan Silver & Gil Garburg

“Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg's playing was close to perfection: beautifully toned, expressive and transparent, with the utmost care for details and yet with structure and great momentum. Not less exciting was the encore which yet again demonstrated their world class.”


Antje Weithaas

“Weithaas plays with vigour and power, als well as a willingness to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Her playing is lush and sweet-toned.”

Antje Weithaas

Amatis Piano Trio

“The Amatis Piano Trio is an outstanding ensemble on their way to establishing a great international career”


PIANO quartet

Amsterdam Chamber Soloists

“... Original programming ... compelling perfomance ... one of the most thrilling ensembles of today.”



Ensemble 4.1

"It is absolutely evident just how much joy these musicians of 4.1 experience when they perform. The ensemble 4.1 not only plays in total harmony together, but their dedication to the music and the performance is shining through every note."

ensemble 4.1
String Quartet

Aris Quartett

"A well-balanced sound, a melody handling of crystaline transparency, harmonious with an intense and lively spontaneity".

Aris Quartett

Piatti Quartet

“in Dvorak’s G major Quartet, Opus 106……It was a joy to witness the visual communication the quartet displayed with each other……if I had to single out one movement for praise, it would be the slow Adagio, in which the quartet’s glowing tone filled the entire gallery. The exciting finale was delivered with great panache. What a great start to the season.”

Piatti Quartet

Quartetto di Venezia

"The sound quality of this disc is simply stunning: crisp, clear, almost razor-sharp in its realistic presentation of the string sound, and the equally crisp playing of Quartetto di Venezia makes it a pleasure to hear."

Quartetto di Venezia

Quatuor Van Kuijk

"Style, energy, and a sense of risk [...]. These four young Frenchmen made the music smile."

Quatuor van Kuijk

Škampa Quartet

“They perform with utterly convincing stylistic accuracy and phenomenal, explosive intensity. Their performances are vital, alive, crisp and rhythmic, their tonal blend is beautiful and flawless, their phrasing spacious and subtle and no detail is ever ignored.”


Matthias Bamert

“In a concert where there was much to admire, it was nevertheless Janácek's Taras Bulba where the ensemble-playing caught fire . . . Bamert kept such a firm grip on the structure that the final blazing affirmation of Slavic feeling was overwhelming.”

Matthias Bamert

Benjamin Northey

“Northey cuts a charismatic figure on the podium and proved adept at bringing out every colour in the score ... an admirably lucid account.” (Dukas Sorcerer’s Apprentice) “Northey coaxed a glittering response from his forces...This was a model reading (Strauss Don Juan) that evoked the score’s inherent exuberance with flair”

Benjamin Northey

Camerata Bern

"The Martha Müller Concert Hall in state of emergency: with the American violinist and composer Mark O’Connor, Camerata Bern celebrated a dazzling closing of its 49th season...Camerata-concertmistress Antje Weithaas has sat down with the cellist and seems to wonder, when the last time was that Bern had applauded four encores."

Camerata Bern